Good to Know

Stone Wall Discovery Project

Calling attention to the historical, geological, and aesthetic significance of Hartland's stone walls


The topic of old New England stone walls is dear to most people’s hearts. You may recall the late Walt Landgraf’s colorful and informative presentation “Sermon in Stone” at HLT's annual forum last June. One of the Hartland Land Trust’s goals and long-term projects is to call attention to the many unique stone walls within Hartland’s boundaries.
HLT would like to identify and catalog many of our important stone walls. The identification of these stone walls should give us a baseline to their present condition, and allow us to closely monitor their status over a long period of time. If you have a significant wall on your property, or know of any in town that you feel merits special attention please contact an HLT director.

A Sense of Time and Place:
Understanding and Conserving Stone Walls

Robert M. Thorson will be featured as a guest speaker at our Annual Forum on June 2, 2008 from 7-9 pm at the Hartland Elementary School.

Professor Thorson will describe the stone walls of northwestern 
Connecticut , placing them into a regional and national context. He will also discuss why conservation of these “dryland” stone walls is an important element of resource management. If there’s time, he will explain the glaciology of Hartland’s “Balancing Rock.” Copies of his books will be available for purchase and signing.